About Us

Shibari rope bondage photographyKinkography.com is the umbrella under which we (Secondfloor and Kinky Lotus along with other collaborators) create and share our kinky art. We are passionate about bondage (particularly Shibari/Kinbaku), sadism/masochism, power exchange, degradation, and shame play.

We find the exploration of kink to be evocative of a wide range of emotions and we enjoy exploring the range of visual aesthetics that kinky art can lend itself to, from the beautiful to the disturbing. We also find empowerment in the kink community by practicing sex and body positivity and embracing alternative sexuality.

Our Photography/Videography

We are passionate about Shibari and kink photography as a means of documenting the expressions presented though bondage and power exchange.  Our style of photography is never about creating a specific image, but rather as a means of capturing the genuine interactions between people and presenting those moments of raw emotion as they unfold in front of the camera.

There are times when still images alone aren’t enough to give the viewer the full sense of the intensity of a bondage scene, so we began producing rope bondage videos in order to better demonstrate the nuance of Kinbaku and power exchange.  Though our videos we are able to share so much more context with the viewer than photography alone can do.  We are able to use elements of cinema to convey the tone and mood of a scene.  Showing how top and bottom react to one another, we can give the viewer much more of a sense of what it feels like to be them.