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POV Cockworship & Cumshot

Lotus licks all up and down Secondfloor's cock and then gives him a blowjob fit for a king. The video is set to dramatic cinematic style music which is pretty fun because the moneyshot all over Lotus’ face at the end is pretty fucking epic.

blowjob cumshot facial cockworship hair pulling

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Blue Tongue Skank tied by Kinky Lotus

This video is basically an ode to Blue Tongue Skank's glorious boobs. BTS is tied by Kinky Lotus in a Takate Kote with a mermaid tie, and suspended with her tippy toes barely touching the ground. As a top, Lotus is very sensual and intimate, caressing and exploring all her curves and tender bits. Blue Tonge Skank exudes a sweet calmness as she breathes through the bondage, though she will find she can't beathe too deeply, as her chest and breasts also become bound. Her thighs and feet take a few smacks with a bamboo cane, and her throat is gently squeezed, just so she remembers who is in control here.

Shibari Takate Kote breast play female friendly porn gg breast bondage big boobs femme4femme

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Blue Tongue Skank

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Lotus pink lace tease

Do you like to be teased a little? I love the buildup of when a lover runs their hands along the inside of my thighs, slowly inching closer and closer towards my throbbing pussy but doesn't touch it. Not just yet.

Lotus solo play breast play tits

Featuring: Kinky Lotus

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Firefly TK timelapse

Timelapse video from a Shibari rope bondage suspension we did using an experimental TK harness that Secondfloor and I had been working on

Shibari rope bondage Takate Kote suspension transition sequence

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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Crotch Rope / Scissoring predicament

It's shirts-on pants-off scissoring time with Traci Matlock and Kinky Lotus in this video. To start, these two sluts both get tied in a crotch rope predicament where any movement just drives the crotch rope deeper and harder into their cunts. Once that gets their pussies all excited, they get released from the crotch rope, but their hands are still bound and tied behind their backs so they have to find ways to wriggle towards each other to get all the good pussy sensations. A scissoring match ensues, which is both hilarious and very sexy. Rope and video by Secondfloor.

Shibari bondage rope bondage crotch rope predicament gg

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Nipple torture & cock worship with Kinky Lotus and Secondfloor. Video shot by Traci Matlock and edited by Kinky Lotus

blowjob cock worship bondage BDSM rope bondage breast play tits boobs

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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glass - Secondfloor and Kinky Lotus by Traci Matlock

Artsy shower sex video shot by Traci Matlock and edited by Kinky Lotus

wet romantic

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Euphoria by Traci Matlock

Sometimes projects need to marinate for a while before they can finally materialize in their finished form. The footage Traci Matlock captured for this video is quite old, it was shot in August 2016. But I kind of like how there was so much space between the time this scene happened and the time the video edits were completed because it allows me to see the final product from a much more detached perspective. It's also interesting because my bottoming style is so different now. In this video there is so much resistance both mentally and physically in what is happening to me. So much fear and uncertainty then. Now, I have so much more trust in myself, in the people I choose to tie with, and in the rope. I feel like I can let go so much more easily now. So it is pretty cool to be able to see that evolution in myself and how I approach bondage. But beyond all that, I really just have a profound appreciation for what an amazingly talented creator Traci is. Her composition and editing in these videos always blows me away and this one is no exception.

Shibari bondage primal BDSM wet messy cockworship rope bondage romantic boobs

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Crotch rope suspension

Traci Matlock suffers beautifully in this crotch rope partial suspension tied by Secondfloor.

Shibari bondage BDSM rope bondage hashira crotch rope semenawa

Featuring: Traci Matlock

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Dragonback Harness Tutorial

The Dragonback Harness is a hip & thigh harness that is great alternative to futomomo for single point inversion suspensions. Most people find the Dragonback to be fairly sustainable in single point inversions. This tie is highly adaptable to different body types. This video will demonstrate step by step how to tie this original harness created by Secondfloor.

Shibari bondage rope bondage tutorial Dragonback Harness

Featuring: Secondfloor

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***Content Warning: While fully consensual, this video features a rough physical exchange between a man and a woman that may be difficult for some people to watch.*** An intense primal scene between Calliope and Secondfloor with footage shot by kinky.lotus. This video invokes the raw, visceral, primal energy as expressed through revisiting the Secondfloor's memory of this scene. These frames summon the echo of a partly faded memory. The reliving of a breathy fight, eyes filled with defiance staring back at me, the feeling of flesh between my teeth. Sweaty, dirty bodies disturbing the earth beneath them in the struggle.

Shibari bondage primal rough body play tattoos piercings hashira

Featuring: Secondfloor , Calliope

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Lotus gets caught making slutty videos

When I'm on vacation my sex drive usually goes through the roof. This video was filmed in a Denver hotel. Secondfloor had gone out shopping and I stayed behind to chill a bit. But I found myself uncontrollably horny so I started touching myself intending to send Secondfloor some video clips so he would hurry back to fuck me. But shooting the videos just got me hornier, which was bad because I was under orgasm control and not allowed to cum unless Secondfloor told me to. But I couldn't help myself and just kept touching myself and getting wetter and wetter till he came back and found me filming myself. Of course, he just wanted to join in when he got back, so I was finally able to release all that pent up sexual energy. -Lotus

solo play breast play tits boobs masturbation softcore female friendly porn

Featuring: Kinky Lotus

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Shibari timelapse - Bamboo Swandive with Secondfloor and Kinky Lotus

This session started with a fun and light preamble, the had an outfit change and went into the more technical portion of the Shibari where Secondfloor tied Kinky Lotus in a bamboo crucifixion style tie. Lotus was then suspended in a tough transition sequence ending in a backbend descent. After the suspension was over, there was still more play as Lotus sucked Secondfloor's cock while still bound to the bamboo cross. Pictured in the background is Traci Matlock and Blue Fitzcarraldo who were taking photos of this scene. You can find the photos in the photo gallery under Bamboo Swandive.

Lotus Secondfloor Shibari bondage BDSM bamboo crucifixion Ashley Chest Harness suspension timelapse

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

play-button 01:41 - we don't care if you call it art or porn

This is a short video that shows you a taste of what Kinkography membership entails. Much of the footage from this video was shot by Traci Matlock, and the music is an original piece written by Secondfloor.

blowjob Shibari bondage messy

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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Into the Sun by Traci Matlock featuring Secondfloor and Kinky Lotus

This is the first video that Traci Matlock ever shot Secondfloor and myself and it marked the beginning of a wonderful creative partnership between the three of us that continues to this date. This video features some traditional Japanese style Shibari rope bondage elements such as the TK (takate kote aka box tie), but it also shows our trademark style of playful intimacy that we bring to our Shibari sessions. -Kinky Lotus

Shibari bondage BDSM rope bondage romantic Takate Kote

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Wait by Traci Matlock featuring Secondfloor and Kinky Lotus

Traci Matlock is to videography what poetry is to words. Her videos are so beautifully evocative, emotionally rich, and dripping with lustful energy. She has a magical way of conveying the essence of connection by transporting the viewer to a moment in time through her eyes. We are so pleased to have Traci on board with Kinkography because she is such a creative powerhouse full of joy and as she celebrates all things Kink.

Shibari bondage BDSM rope bondage romantic

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Many Hands - extended cut

Extended cut of a rope bondage session with Traci Matlock being co-topped by Secondfloor and Kinky Lotus. Footage shot by Nodorum.

Shibari BDSM co-topping

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Many Hands

Traci Matlock is so awesome she's game to try just about any crazy shit that gets thrown at her. So when she enthusiastically agreed to bottom for both Secondfloor and myself (Kinky Lotus) in a co-topping session, we figured we might as well try out some experimental, weird ties since we had two riggers to figure it out if we ran into any problems. It ended up being a really fun session and we were able to get Traci into positions we probably wouldn't have been able to do with just one rigger. This is the short(er) version of this video. There is an additional edit that keeps the original audio from the session. Footage shot by Nodorum, edited by Kinky Lotus

Shibari bondage co-topping rope bondage

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor , Traci Matlock

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Bound, gagged, and cum on in a dried river bed

gaping_lotus is bound gagged with a spider gag. Secondfloor steps on her chest, restricting her breathing, and then jerks off over her. He ejaculates on her face while she is still gagged with her mouth held open.

Lotus Secondfloor cumshot bondage gagged

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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Bound, Spanked & Fucked in a Country Cabin

Lotus receives some bare handed spankings until her ass is nice and red. Afterwards, her arms are bound, and she is bent over and fucked from behind. Secondfloor pulls her hair hard, and cums inside her but some of the cum drips down her leg.

Shibari bondage BDSM rough sex PIV sex spanking hair pulling

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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Cock worship

POV blow job. gaping_lotus licks, nuzzles and worships Daddy's cock. Tons of great eye contact

POV Lotus Secondfloor blowjob cock worship

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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gaping_lotus is bound, put on her knees and then tied to a pole where she is exposed, gagged, spanked, fingered and fucked. Secondfloor shoots a giant load of cum on her face. Video shot by Traci Matlock and edited by Kinky Lotus

Lotus Secondfloor bondage gagged BDSM rough sex fingered

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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Blind Devotion - Kinky Lotus bound by Secondfloor

A romantic free-form rope bondage scene that begins with Secondfloor blindfolding himself and then using his hands to explore Lotus' body. Lotus wears a sheer mesh top that exposes her supple breasts which Secondfloor bits, licks, and sucks. There is also a bit of bare handed spanking and clit stimulation. Video shot by Traci Matlock and edited by Kinky Lotus.

Lotus Secondfloor bondage BDSM

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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gaping_lotus licks and sucks a mean cock and Secondfloor fucks her face. Beautiful window lighting displays the cum all over Lotus' face after the money shot finish

POV Lotus Secondfloor blowjob cumshot facial cockworship

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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Primal - Secondfloor Self Suspension by gaping_lotus

Secondfloor suspends himself to a tree and finds all his primal, animalistic urges screaming to be let out

Secondfloor self suspension men in rope primal

Featuring: Secondfloor

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Cement - grungy parking garage bondage

Lotus is tied and tormented by Secondfloor in a grungy, wet parking garage. Shot by Traci Matlock and edited by Lotus

Lotus Secondfloor Shibari bondage gagged D/S BDSM wet sadism/masochism ropebombing

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor

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POV BJ - Lotus sucks Daddy's cock

POV of Lotus on her knees worshipping Secondfloor's cock while she plays with her nipples and touches herself. Lots of eye contact from her pretty green eyes as she pleasures Daddy's cock

POV Lotus Secondfloor blowjob cock worship

Featuring: Kinky Lotus , Secondfloor